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Rules of Nominating

Voting: Round Two
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 - Twilight fics only. If you feel the need to nominate a story in with another fandom included then select its category as 'Crossover' .

 - Fan fics must be posted on, or the author who's story is being nominated must have an account on that site.

 - The author must be aware that they have been nominated. We'll take your word for it, but if we find out they aren't aware then the nomination will be deleted.

 - Authors cannot nominate their own stories. Sorry, but it's the readers we want to vote...

 - Authors can have more than one story nominated in the same category, though only one will go through to the second stage.

 - When you nominate a fic, please use the most reliable url if it is not hosted at

 - Only completed stories and WIP seven or over allowed. We need enough to judge. Though allowances may be made for a fic only a chapter under the limit (if the word count is high).