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Voting: Round Two
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The 2008 Denali Coven Award winners have now been announced!
Congratulations to all winners, as all stories were of an extremely high standard, with thousands (yes... there were actually tens of thousands!) votes registered.
Award banners will be posted in the next few days so please be patient!

The Moonless Night Award
Best Pre-Twilight Fic
WINNER: You've Kept Me Waiting
by Mandi1
RUNNER-UP: Green, Red, Gold
by Segolily

The When the Dawn Breaks Award

Best Post-Eclipse Fic

WINNER: First Light
by blondie AKA robin 
RUNNER-UP: The Fairytale Continues
by My-Bella


The Forbidden Fruit Award

Best Romance Fic

WINNER: Passion Fish
by qjmom & Admittedly Obsessed
RUNNER-UP: This Lullaby
by jojostarr


The Lion and the Lamb Award

Best Fluffy Fic

WINNER: Family Therapy, Cullen Style
by vjgm
RUNNER-UP: Attention Wal-Mart Shoppers
by sillybella


The Violent Delights Award

Best Dark Fic (Drama, Romance, Horror, Mystery, Tragedy)

WINNER: Sacrifices
by Enthralled
RUNNER-UP: Daylight
by Segolily


The Flight Through Volterra Award

Best Action/Adventure Fic

WINNER: Into the Wild
by ronOReds
RUNNER-UP: Escaping Sol
by Ranma 15177


The 'I Want You. Right Now' Award

Best Mature Rated Fic

WINNER: Boycotts and Barflies 
by vjgm
RUNNER-UP: Pomme De Sang
by destileotie


The Lonely Angel Award

TheLonelyAngelawardcopy.jpg picture by gothicpixie101

Best Edward Characterization 

WINNER: Eternal Gold
by Segolily
RUNNER-UP: As Bella Sleeps
by blondie AKA robin


The Danger Magnet Award

TheDangerMagnetAwardcopy.jpg picture by gothicpixie101

Best Bella Characterization

WINNER: Blue Moon Over Manka's
by Cullenista
RUNNER-UP: It All Falls Down
by LilyAlice


The One and Only Award

Best One-Shot

WINNER: This Year's Love
by ronOReds
RUNNER-UP: An Uneven Passing
by Mandi1


The Two Worlds Collide Award

Best Crossover

WINNER: News to Me
by Heartbroken1
RUNNER-UP: I Hate Myself For Loving You
by halojones


The Light in the Dark Award

Most Origional Plot

by Ferrin Landry
RUNNER-UP: Across the Ocean
by Annilaia
And, finally...
The Stephenie Meyer In-Waiting Award
The Best Author
goes to...
Segolily, Vjgm and ronOReds
The Commended entries are:
Be My Escape by VeggieGurl1896
One Dozen Roses by Angel Ren